Precision moulds for technical parts

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Acquisition of a 3D printing machine metal (or laser sintering) EOS M280 and creating a new society 'HYPERION Laser' dedicated to this activity, do not hesitate to contact us for achieving tight Elements for optimization the regulation of your mold.      

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DPH international

Since 1989 the company DPH International has assisted you in creating parts and complete sets of parts and has ensured the conception and the manufacture of precision moulds for the injection of PEEK, PPS, PPA,PBT, PA, PAA, PEI, COC, LCP, Silicone, etc.  plastic materials for different Medical industry, Electricity, Automotive industry, Aerospace, Transport, Sport, Clock and Watchmaking  fields of activity with the know-how and mastery of different 2 material moulding,3 material moulding, insert overmoulding MIM/CIM, micro-injection, injection/compression moulding, laser fusion, laser sintering  technologies applicable in injection moulding.

Conception CAO tool optimisation regulation of temperature

Presentation - DPH international, Precision moulds for technical parts

Mould dimension 96x96 for micro injected part

Presentation - DPH international, Precision moulds for technical parts

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