Fields of activity

We pride ourselves in respecting our commitments in terms of quality, confidentiality, lead times and responsiveness in order to satisfy your needs and to establish a lasting partnership in the following activities:

  • Medical industry

    Casing for medical instruments

    Fields of activity - Medical industry

  • Cosmetic industry

    8 cavity mould

    Fields of activity - Cosmetic industry

  • Electricity

    Earth-leak circuit breaker

    Fields of activity - Electricity

  • Automotive industry

    DS3 monogram

    Fields of activity - Automotive industry

  • Aerospace

    Turbine injected in PEI

    Fields of activity - Aerospace

  • Sport

    Element for ski- binding

    Fields of activity - Sport

  • Clock and watchmaking

    Gear overmoulding

    Fields of activity - Clock and watchmaking

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